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Below is an example of one of our Open Air Concerts set in beautiful Castle grounds.

View of stage from centre stalls

View of stage from front of house sound desk

Rear stalls and balcony seating

The above is a 'medium scale' STAGE and AUDITORIUM set up - pre-rehearsal. The Stage and technical specification can be tailored to whatever scale you require to correspond with any of our productions. The scale featured above is for a twelve piece orchestra and six leading performers.

Although we specialise in outdoor events, our productions can be tailored for any theatre, ballroom or large function room.

If you already have the venue, stage and technical department in place, then we will provide you with a specification for technical requirements to match your chosen production.

At Stars of the West End we enjoy a proud association with Audio Alliance who are one of the finest sound companies in the UK, delivering absolute excellence in their field.

Please click on the following link to find out more about Audio Alliance.